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E29: Season 3 Episode 9 Corporate Law – Selling & Protecting Solutions

  • By dbllawyersv2
  • November 21, 2022
  • Season 3

Selling & Protecting Solutions 

When you’re treating water and using a specialized system your business model depends on protecting that intellectual property. This can lead to large patent portfolio which needs to be tended and kept-up with. Defending this intellectual property after the patents are filed is just as important as having the patent in the first place. Sometimes simply sending a cease and desist letter works, sometimes more serious action is needed like going to litigation, or filing offensively. Partnering with the right legal team is a strategic choice where many factors need to be taken into account; this can make or break the case.  

Protecting Intellectual Property In China 

China is a major player in manufacturing for all industries. To be able to effectively manufacture your products you’ll have to share a ton of information to factories, therefore there needs to be protections in place. Simple steps for example can be not allowing zip drives, copiers, other information sharing devices. Likely you’ll have to file patents and trademarks in the country of manufacturing as well.  

When To Patent 

There are requirements when it comes to filing a patent, examples include that it must be new, useful, and not obvious. So when you have a product, system, or idea that you believe is truly your and innovative then it’s time to file. Take a look at your most relevant competitors and analyze where you are in comparison and where you want to be, use these results to then decide if you needs to do some defensive patenting.  

The Big Takeaways 

Selling solutions is based on being able to identify the problems, understanding the business, let the business strategy lead, and protect the assets. Those are the big takeaways from the general council. As the president and CEO the big takeaways differ a bit. Creating the right culture within the company is about people, performance, and results, create a good environment for your employees will create good employees. Similarly do the same with the customer experience, create a comfortable environment for them so they feel seen.  


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