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Episode 55: S5E10 – Season 5 in Review

  • By dbllawyersv2
  • November 22, 2022
  • Season 5

In Season 5, Blackletter has covered a variety of topics, from building a positive and productive culture to cybersecurity in a remote workspace. We cover topics that have been exaggerated by Covid and will remain relevant long after the pandemic ends.  

 Protecting Your Assets During COVID-19 

Tom Dunlap chats with Rhonda Miller, partner of Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig, about how to protect your assets with Biden’s new Estate Tax, the Secure Act, and how to redraft documents in response to Covid. Rhonda discusses how retirement funds and your estate will be particularly affected and encourages you to read up on the new regulations. Rhonda also touches on the need to redraft documents to include aspects that Covid has highlightedsuch as telehealth. 

Using Video in an Evidentiary Setting  

 Tom Dunlap speaks with David Notowitz, of National Center for Audio & Forensics, and David Ludwig, of Dunlap, Bennett and Ludwig, on how digital evidence stores more information than we may think and why that evidence needs to be thoroughly examinedDigital evidence, such as from a Go Pro, body camera, or cell phone, must always be verified, clarified and authenticated, as it can change the outcome of the entire case. They also touch on deep fakes as another reason to dive deeper into digital evidence and not just take it at face value 

Business Development and Marketing Your Professional Services  

 Tom Dunlap converses with Mo Bunnell, the founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group, about how professionals such as lawyers, doctors and accountants can better market themselves and their services. Mo explains that experts in their own fields often neglect marketing themselves and their businesses as there is a lack of instant gratification and overall lack of knowledge. He relays a system of marketing and screening potential clients, as well as how to truly value your services. 

 Building Culture to Achieve Organizational Success  

 Tom Dunlap chats with Marissa Levin, co-founder of Successful Culture International, on how to facilitate an engaged, inclusive virtual culture, and the qualities required from leadership to do so. Marissa gives tips for leaders to implement, as well as her GRACE system that can be utilized after the pandemic to create positive and productive workspacesShe distinguishes cognitive empathy from emotional empathy and encourages culture assessments as well as the employee experience. 

Best of Blackletter  

 In this special episode, Blackletter highlights the top talking points over the course the course of the entire show, including legality into the film industry, political consulting, and immigration law.  


Modernizing Law Firms and Their Technology  

 Tom Dunlap chats with Heinan Landa, President & CEO of Optimal Networks, about the need for law firms to modernize, and how to shift traditional hesitation towards technology. She pinpoints specific technologies for firms to adapt and how to onboard lawyers to accept and use these technologies properly. She covers the benefits of modernizing and technology etiquette. 

The Field and Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Tom Dunlap and Kurt Klaus of Dunlap, Bennett, and Ludwig chat with Will Gee, the CEO of Balti Virtual about the field and future of augmented and virtual reality. Will explains how his VR and AR company began and the challenges they face. He discusses their venture with Game of Thrones and Raised by Wolvess, as well as Under Armor.  He imparts advice that any company founder will find useful. 

Networking and Business Growth During Covid  

 Tom Dunlap and Stephanie Eberhart of neXco National discuss networking, professional development and the hiring process in a virtual world. Stephanie shares her background and encourages people to take advantage of virtual networking opportunities, despite the initial discomfort over Zoom. She imparts the Do’s and Don’ts of virtual professionalism and offers tips on the virtual hiring process. 

Cyber Security and Remote Work  

 Tom Dunlap chats with Stefan Leipold, the CEO of Stark, about his magnetic privacy screen for laptops, as well as implementing best practices for cyber security in an era of remote work. Stefan relays his background and professional journey to the invention of his magnetic privacy screen. He discusses the vulnerabilities with people working from home and offers his advice for employers and employees on how to create a more secure environment. 


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