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Episode 63: S6E8 – Self-care, Global Impact

  • By dbllawyersv2
  • November 22, 2022
  • Season 6

On today’s episode, Tom Dunlap chats with Braven Greenelsh about Three Good, a platform that helps mitigate early signs of burnout in employees.  

With anonymous surveys and other tools, employees get a chance to express themselves while employers get a touch on the corporate pulse. In answering questions, responding to feelers, and engaging with the platform, employees rack up points that Three Good then converts to donations to charities. By taking care of themselves, they can help take care of others.  

Listen to Tom and Braven discuss Mental Health: 

What is Three Good? (2:18) 

Three Good is a platform to aid HR in the current struggles with mental health, employee burnout and attrition. Three Good gives HR the tools such as survey questions, data, and early indicators of what will later become big problems.   

Early Intervention (5:02) 

Three Good differs from other platforms as it focuses on early intervention. By anonymously asking questions via the platform about stress and anxiety, it can help mitigate a problem before it worsens.  

A Corporate Pulse (6:33) 

If an employee “spills their guts” to the bot, that information is protected and not shared with anyone else. However, Three Good allows employers to get an idea of the corporate pulse by having their team either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to certain questions. These specific questions focus on self-care, community, culture, and inclusion.  

Ending the Global Water Crisis (8:38) 

After traveling extensively in his 20s and witnessing extreme poverty, Braven saw the impact of limited access to clean water, particularly on women. For every new client, Three Good donates to efforts that are trying to end the global clean water crisis.  

Doing Good Feels Good (11:51) 

Studies at Berkley found that those who volunteer or donate live happier, less stressful lives. Part of Three Good’s mission is incorporating that volunteering into the lives of their clients by connecting them to charities.  

What’s Next? (13:51) 

After receiving funding, Three Good is getting ready to launch. In letting the product speak for itself, Three Good is hoping to have 1,000 clients by the end of the year.  

Tom believes that law firms need a service like Three Good as mental health has become a big problem in the profession. 

Braven’s Three Pieces of Advice (18:12) 

To lawyers, Braven’s advises to remember to treat founders with respect for their intelligence. He encourages business owners to always keep raising money. Braven urges founders to be diligent about data, and to listen to what the data is saying. Lastly, negative feedback from employees is useful for both the company and the employee.  

Black Letter Law Story (25:46) 

Braven tells of a time where he experienced black letter law. 


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