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Episode 80: S7E16 – Education, Experience, & Wisdom

  • By dbllawyersv2
  • November 22, 2022
  • Season 7

The Blackletter Podcast has gone over many topics throughout its seventh season, including lawsuits, finance, talent acquisition, recruitment, marketing, and more. So to wrap up season seven, this final episode features some important segments from this season’s episodes, combined into one informative show. Listen to learn advice from the podcast’s educational interviews as esteemed guests share their personal experiences and wisdom on achieving success in business and law.

Educational Interviews (00:45)

Host Tom Dunlap has interviewed many of the sharpest minds in business and law throughout season seven. To kick off the episode, listen to some of the knowledge and advice gathered by Tom’s conversations with Blackletter guests.

Personal Experience (11:23)

As CEOs, company founders, and other professional leaders, each of Blackletter’s interview guests brings a unique piece of insight to the table. Hear some of the personal experiences recounted from our guests that were integral to their professional journeys.

Business Wisdom (21:37)

The path to success for entrepreneurs is never cut and dry, but this can still be achieved with the right business know-how. Listen to some of the top business leaders as they share their most essential pieces of advice for reaching entrepreneurial success.

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Host Tom Dunlap sits down with Ben Landers over this three-part interview, where they discuss company growth, tackling business issues, and successful company scaling. Ben shares his advice to entrepreneurs that he gained through his experiences in Corporate America and founding his company Blue Corona. He discusses how he got started with his career and business endeavors in episode 1, explains his methods of overcoming complex issues in episode 2, and wraps up his interview in episode three, in which he speaks on scaling and shaping organizational systems.

Episode 68: S7E4 – A Safe Space for Finances

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Tom is joined once again by Melanie Simons, the co-founder, and CEO of ReFrame Wealth. As a recurring guest on the podcast, she updates listeners on her entrepreneurial journey and experiences with her investment advisory firm. On episode 4, Melanie talks about financial discussions in the workplace and how the pandemic, resignations, and other factors contributed to her entrepreneurial growth. On episode 5, she talks about the internal challenges she and her partners faced while running their company and their different methods to address the issues. She concludes her interview in episode 6, discussing how legal battles can impact people personally and professionally.

Episode 71: S7E7 – Prevention is Healthcare

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In this three-part series, Tom interviews Darrell Moon, the founder, and CEO of Orriant, to discuss healthcare. Tom shares his history with healthcare in episode 7 and the importance of preventative healthcare practices. He continues his conversation in episode 8, where he speaks on the Nuka System of Care in Alaska, which is recognized globally as a superior healthcare system. He explains how the foundation reached its success without breaking the bank. Finally, he spends episode 9 conversing with Tom about continuous quality improvement and how categorizing customers helped him to balance his business.

Episode 74: S7E10 – Five Steps to Marketing Success

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Episode 76: S7E12 – Perseverance and Overcoming Limitations

In episodes, 10 through 12, Will Russel of Russell Marketing shares his business and marketing secrets. He and Tom sit down to discuss proactivity in marketing and finding success with product launch strategies in episode 10. Will continues his interview in episode 11, where he shares what he believes to be most important when launching a product, including credibility for businesses looking to market their product or idea. He finishes his conversation in episode 12, where he tells listeners his top three pieces of advice for entrepreneurial success.

Episode 77: S7E13 – Talent Acquisition Strategies in 2022

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Episode 79: S7E15 – Three Keys to Talent Recruitment

In this three-segment interview, Tom is joined by Christine Nichlos to discuss her thoughts on talent acquisition that she formed through her experience as founder and CEO of People Science. She spends episode 13 discussing smart talent acquisition and onboarding strategies, and in episode 14, she shares her thoughts on how businesses can reevaluate challenges to solve them. Additionally, Christine highlights the importance of companies keeping up with workforce changes to adapt and survive the challenges that come with them. Finally, she wraps up the interview in episode 15, where listeners can hear her top pieces of advice for businesses and organizations looking to attract new talent.

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