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Trademark Specimen Requirements

  April 20, 2023   |   By: Farzad Panjshiri   Trademark Specimen Requirements This blog post explains the general requirements for specimens for trademark and service mark applications. There are numerous exceptions to these general specimen rules depending upon the type of the mark, the respective goods and services of the application, and particular industry standards… Continue reading Trademark Specimen Requirements

Killing Them Easier: USPTO “Reverses” the Federal Circuit on Genericness

By: Daniel Davis and Farzad Panjshiri   [8/1/22] Generic terms—terms that are primarily understood to be the name of a product or service—cannot be trademarks. [1] For example, one cannot register APPLE as a trademark for (you guessed it) apples. [2] When a trademark becomes generic, the mark falls into the public domain, and anyone can use it. [3] Because becoming generic… Continue reading Killing Them Easier: USPTO “Reverses” the Federal Circuit on Genericness

How to Protect a Trademark or Service Mark for a Brewery or Beer Name

By: Farzad Panjshiri  [4/15/22] With excellent craft beers, breweries have become highly popular in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and throughout the United States and are most often visited during spring, summer, and fall. The brewers regularly surprise their devoted craft beer communities with new beers while serving their popular classics every year. Creating a… Continue reading How to Protect a Trademark or Service Mark for a Brewery or Beer Name

Hero’s Rights

By: Jeff Lippman & Farzad Panjshiri [3/16/22] Chapter 2 Continued Exploration into the Copyright Journey Welcome back, true believers! We continue our exploration into the Copyright journey of some of our most iconic heroes. It will make it easier to follow if the authors divide the most relevant aspects of this story. 1. The current actions:… Continue reading Hero’s Rights

Hero’s Rights

By: Jeff Lippman & Farzad Panjshiri [3/14/22] Chapter 1 Exploring the Law: Content Creators, Comics, & Copyright Many of us grew up reading comic books, watching cartoons Saturday mornings and/or after school, and we are currently in Phase Two of the most ambitious and successful cinematic project of all time: The Marvel Cinematic Universe. And DC… Continue reading Hero’s Rights

Trademark Modernization Act: Office Action Deadline Changes

By: Farzad A. Panjshiri The trademark bar and its clients, trademark owners, have been clamoring for some dramatic changes to procedural trademark rules for some time because of a significant increase in fraudulent trademark applications and “deadwood” registrations (registered marks not being used in U.S. Commerce); and changes to the federal trademark statute governing U.S.… Continue reading Trademark Modernization Act: Office Action Deadline Changes

Cannabis in Trademarks

By: Farzad Panjshiri Trademark protection is important for all industries; this also includes the cannabis industry. While the cannabis industry is quickly evolving, it is even more important for cannabis businesses to protect their brands. Cannabis is currently legalized in 18 states, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, but it is… Continue reading Cannabis in Trademarks

Intern Program

As part of our effort to recruit, develop and retail the best and brightest attorneys, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers a summer intern program for promising law school students who are looking to work as part of an innovative and incredibly successful team. With a global team of lawyers, selected candidates are able to work on high level projects in a collaborative space.

Paralegals and Legal Support Staff

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our team of paralegals and staff work together collaboratively along side our attorneys toward a common goal. We have created a positive work environment where our paralegals and legal assistants work to successfully reach firm-wide goals and support each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. They regularly assist our attorneys with organizing and maintaining files, conducting legal research, and preparing documents.