Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig Represents Health Discovery Corporation (HDC) in Patent Infringement Suit Against Intel Corporation

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USPTO ruled in favor of Health Discovery on the SVM-RFE Patents in the Interference proceeding between HDC and Intel. 


VIENNA, VA [July 29, 2020] – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, a leading corporate and intellectual property law firm with offices across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China, announced filing an infringement lawsuit on behalf of Health Discovery Corporation (HDC), an intellectual property development company against Intel Corporation (“Intel”) (NASDAQ: INTC). This high-profile infringement lawsuit pertains to HDC’s Support Vector Machine-Recursive Feature Elimination (“SVM-RFE”) patents.

On February 27, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) ruled in favor of HDC on the SVM-RFE Patents in an Interference proceeding between HDC and Intel. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) held that Health Discovery is entitled to claim exclusive rights to the SVM-RFE technology as set forth in the patent application that was filed to provoke the Interference. The decision ordered Intel’s Patent No. 7,685,077 to be canceled, and dismissed Intel’s motions challenging the validity of Health Discovery’s patents covering SVM-RFE, and granted a Patent Term Adjustment (“PTA”) of 1,785 days (almost 5 years), extending the patent term to June 7, 2025.  Health Discovery now has the right to exclude others from using, developing, commercializing, or licensing this patented technology without the uncertainty of the Interference proceeding or concerns over the ownership of the SVM-RFE technology.

Health Discovery is the sole owner of all patents related to SVM-RFE, with four issued patents in the United States and five internationally. George H. McGovern, III, HDC’s Chairman and CEO, noted, “Health Discovery is taking the necessary steps to protect its sole ownership of SVM-RFE patents against infringement.”

Health Discovery has retained the firm of Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig to represent the Company in this matter.   The lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division where Intel has operations.

Chuck Cantine, Partner at Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig noted, “The cornerstone of HDC is its extensive patent portfolio concerning breakthrough innovations that further scientific discovery across numerous disciplines. Although HDC encourages collaboration and cooperation among the many that will benefit from its technology, it will vigorously protect and enforce its patent rights when necessary.”

About Health Discovery Corporation

Health Discovery Corporation is an intellectual property development company that uses advanced mathematical techniques to analyze large amounts of data to uncover patterns that might otherwise be undetectable. Health Discovery operates primarily in the field of molecular diagnostics where such tools are critical to scientific discovery. The terms artificial intelligence and machine learning are sometimes used to describe pattern recognition tools. HDC’s mission is to use its patents, intellectual prowess, and clinical partnerships principally to identify patterns that can advance the science of medicine, as well as to advance the effective use of our technology in other diverse business disciplines, including the high-tech, financial, and healthcare technology markets.

About Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a leading comprehensive legal advisor to national and global businesses with 16 offices nationwide, as well as Toronto, London, and China. The firm was founded by U.S. Army veterans and has over 70 attorneys licensed to practice in over 40 states. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has been recognized as one of the top intellectual property law firms by IP Watchdog. For more info visit: www.dbllawyers.com


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