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Episode 107: S10E1 The Risky Business of Cybersecurity and Compliance

  • By holly-brezee
  • August 11, 2023
  • Season 10

What advice would an expert give on maintaining business security and compliance?

On the Blackletter podcast this week, host Tom Dunlap interviews episode guest Jennifer Morris, a former attorney for the CIA with law experience inside the government and businesses. Jennifer is here to share her insights on business compliance, risk balancing, and risk management. As a professional with top-secret clearance, Jen had to become an expert in the ins and outs of security and compliance. Today, she helps clients in the private sector and tells listeners everything she can share about her current role.

Business compliance is a tough act to balance, and Jen shares how her background helps her bring a business perspective to the practice of law regarding compliance and risk management. From safely securing government contracts to gaining cybersecurity maturity model certification, she explains all of the different aspects of her role that enables her to provide professional expertise on business security.

Tune in to learn more in this fascinating episode of the Blackletter podcast!

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The Blackletter Podcast is a podcast for CEOs, Corporate Counsel, & Entrepreneurs. Each episode explores topics regarding business and law. Join host Tom Dunlap as he speaks with special guests and thought leaders across various professional fields. Their discussions during the interview focus around timely information, insights they’ve gained, and lessons they’ve learned through their experiences.

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