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Since Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig began in 2001, we have handled a wide range of business matters including trademark and patent litigation, business disputes, government contracts, U.S. and international IP patents, trademarks, and copyrights for clients that include small and medium-sized established businesses and start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and sovereign governments. Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and combine decades of experience to serve you and defend your interests. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers flexible ideas, solutions, and fees in a variety of legal business matters.

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Tom Dunlap: My name’s Tom Dunlap, and I’m a partner at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Our firm’s focused on things like intellectual property, government contracts, litigation, and commercial disputes. We also have an estate planning group and an FDA regulatory practice. Our law is right-sized, and what I mean by that is we have about 22 to 25 lawyers at any given time, so we’re not so small that we can’t handle a big case, but we’re not so big that we don’t pay attention to you. Our geographic scope for intellectual property and FDA practice, frankly, is worldwide. We have clients in Asia, we have clients in South America, we have clients in California, Texas, you name it. Because our firm’s a boutique-sized firm, we tend to develop close relationships with our clients so instead of treating them like a number or an invoice, we tend to treat our clients as friends. We tend to become their counselors rather than their lawyers. Mary Beaghler Penn: We have a really strong focus on client satisfaction here at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We always make sure to timely respond either via email or phone really making sure that the customer feels comfortable start to finish, understanding at all times in the process what we’re doing, where we are in process, and any further steps that would need to be done. Tom: I think that client communication’s one of the hallmarks that makes us stand out from other firms. We are available almost 24/7. Of course, there are inevitable holidays and weekends that happen during the year, but we pick up the phone and return calls within 24 business hours without fail. Our firm has accolades. That’s true. We’re A plus rated by the Better Business Bureau. We’re Avvo 10.0. We were voted Best of Virginia in 2014 and 2015 by readers of Virginia Living magazine. But I think what really makes us stand out is how we’re different from other firms, the way our clients come back to us, and the success we’ve seen as a result of that. Our success rides in our client’s success and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Our Practice Areas

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides a wide range of business-related legal services focusing primarily on intellectual property, government contracts, business & corporate law & litigation. With offices and associates throughout the United states, we aggressively represent clients in legal disputes, offer advice regarding key transactions, & effectively protect intellectual property assets.

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We put our decades of experience & our considerable legal knowledge to work for every client. Attorneys Thomas Dunlap and Ellis Bennett are both former U.S. Army officers & prosecutors. David Ludwig attended the George Washington University Law School and focuses on patent, trademark & copyright law. Our attorneys in Washington and throughout the U.S. come from a variety of backgrounds to meet your legal needs & defend your interests.

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Complementing our focus on intellectual property protection, government contracts, and business litigation, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s legal team also represents and advises clients in matters regarding security clearances, real estate disputes and transactions, and admiralty law, and we additionally provide comprehensive estate planning services to families and individuals throughout the United States. To speak with an experienced business attorney about any of these matters, call Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig today at (844) 247-7891 or at (202) 316-8558 or e-mail

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