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Mentone Solutions v. Digit Int’l and the Importance of Detailing Technological Improvements in a Patent Specification to Survive Eligibility Challenges under § 101

By: Mark Magas Mentone Sols. LLC v. Digi Int'l Inc. provides patent owners with additional guidance on the pendulum swinging away from the widespread, successful challenges to validity, which sprung from Alice and...

14 Jan, 2022

A Little About Water Law

By: Ryan Kennedy In 2018, Washington DC saw its wettest summer on record. [1] In October of this year, high tides and a massive storm surge brought some of the highest...

6 Jan, 2022

What to Expect at Your Deposition

By: Ryan Kennedy If you are reading this, you may have recently been asked to sit for a deposition. Do not be afraid. Unlike the courtroom dramas you may see...

6 Jan, 2022

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