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Corrective Action After A Bid Protest Is Filed

By: Jonathan Brittin  [8/5/22] Corrective Action After A Bid Protest Is Filed: The Court of Federal Claims (COFC) May Apply More Scrutiny Than The Government Accountability Office (GAO) During the...

3 Aug, 2022

Do Startups Need to Compensate Interns?

By: Ron Diaz  [8/3/22] Startups are faced with a myriad of choices on how to allocate limited capital for their needs. Some startups explore hiring interns as either a free...

3 Aug, 2022

Killing Them Easier: USPTO “Reverses” the Federal Circuit on Genericness

By: Daniel Davis and Farzad Panjshiri   [8/1/22] Generic terms—terms that are primarily understood to be the name of a product or service—cannot be trademarks. [1] For example, one cannot register APPLE as...

1 Aug, 2022

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