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Bid Protests – “Required” Debriefings in the Post-Award Context and the Impact on Timeliness of a Protest

By: Mary Pat Buckenmeyer The General Accountability Office (“GAO”) bid protest regulations state that all protests, other than those challenging improprieties in the solicitation, must be filed no later than...

16 Nov, 2021

The Green Horizon – Preparing Virginia Cannabis Clients for Next Steps

By: Ben Barlow On July 1, 2021, Virginia became the first southern state to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana. It was a big step for the Old Dominion, but...

8 Nov, 2021

Bid Protests – What is a Post-award Protest?

By: Mary Pat Buckenmeyer A post-award protest, in its simplest of terms, is a written objection to the award of a contract. This blog explores where post-award protests can be...

8 Nov, 2021

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