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Why Does a Brewery Need a Trademark?

The same reason a winery or distillery does. To get to the other side. By Tom Dunlap Tom is an attorney with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, one of the top...

20 Aug, 2019

What “THE” heck is all “THE” fuss about?

By Thomas Dunlap Partner at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig   [08/15/2019 Leesburg]  "The" Ohio State University is trying to own the “The” as a protected trademark for its school merchandise....

15 Aug, 2019

Original Screenwriter fights for Copyrights to Friday the 13th

By Andrew Peretin Former Summer Law Intern with Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig who currently attends Penn State’s Law School and has an interest in both patent law and litigation. [08.14.2019...

14 Aug, 2019

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