Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s government contracts lawyers know the Government from the inside out, with an unparalleled depth of experience, including former lawyers from the CIA, NSA, DOD, DOJ, the U.S. military, and state government procurement.  Our government contracts attorneys have helped clients resolve everything from initial contractor teaming agreements (CTA) to solicitations, negotiation, award, performance, claims, and disputes before almost every government agency.  DBL is one of the few U.S. law firms with current top-secret cleared attorneys (TS/SCI) available to work on sensitive U.S. government cases. In short, DBL is the unparalleled choice for experience and skill in the world of government contracts because we are:

  1. Insiders: Former government lawyers (I.G., DoD, NSA, SBA, CIA, state, and county procurement) and employees (U.S. Army, Marines, and Navy).
  2. Experienced: Decades of experience in all Government contracting stages from teaming and RFP to compliance and litigation, including representation of the Government providing procurement counsel.
  3. Contractors: Like our clients – we are successful multi-year, multiple awardees of both state and local government contracts (NIH, CDC, NIOSH, HHS, and DHS).

Protests, Disputes, & Litigation

GAO Bid ProtestsDisputes & LitigationCourt of Federal ClaimsArmed Services Board of Contract Appeals

Disputes take many forms in government contracts; between a contractor and the Government, between a contractor and another contractor, and between a contractor and their employee. Winning any dispute in the government space requires knowing how, when, and even where to bring the dispute.  We have a wealth of experience assisting clients with preparing and submitting REAs (requests for equitable adjustment). When push comes to shove, we can assist with filing claims against the Government for fair payment, whether at the agency level or before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), or the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (CoFC).  Likewise, our GAO bid protest lawyers have brought numerous successful bid protests and defended numerous awards as counsel for intervenors in various pre-and post-award federal and state bid protests before almost every government agency, including the U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO).  When it comes to disputes involving prime contractors and subcontractors, teaming partners, or enforcing non-compete agreements, our Government contracts litigation team has a wealth of both negotiations and in-court experience.

Contracts, Teaming, & Compliance

Teaming & SubcontractsSmall Business CounsellingContract ComplianceState & Local Government

Our government contracts attorneys offer a wide array of general government contracts counseling covering the local, state, and federal levels.  With former SBA lawyers working for you, DBL’s experience is second to none regarding teaming agreements, mentor-protégé arrangements, SBA, VA, and HUB Zone assistance.  After the deal is done, our lawyers stay on board and help clients manage contract performance and compliance with the critical and often complex rules around OCI, ITAR, and FCPA.  Additionally, we are unique as a government contracts law firm with highly experienced government intellectual property lawyers who presently serve as outside counsel for the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Homeland Security.  

Defense, Debarment, & Security Clearances

Debarment & SuspensionInvestigations & Procurement FraudMilitary DischargeSecurity Clearances

Getting ahead of the issues when a government agency, contracting officer, or a whistleblower makes allegations of fraud, breach of security, violation of the organizational conflicts of interest rules, or a host of other issues, is of paramount importance.  The consequences range from debarment and fines to prison sentences. Whether it is managing a whistleblower claim, an internal investigation, clearance revocation, or a debarment or suspension, our Government contracts defense lawyers are led by a highly experienced former attorney for the Army’s Inspector General (IG) office. In the event you find yourself in the unfortunate situation in which your security clearance is in jeopardy, DBL’s experienced team is well positioned advocate on your behalf as DBL lawyers have defended both facility and personnel clearances and know how to cut through the red tape that can hurt you and your business.


Our government lawyers advise clients on complex government contract issues, regulatory compliance, disputes before almost every government agency, as well as nuclear part/component export licensing issues under both the NRC and Commerce Dept. regulations.   Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is one of the few U.S. law firms with current top-secret cleared attorneys (TS/SCI) available to work on sensitive U.S. government cases.

Our special counsel know how to manage large, controversial, scientifically complex cases involving broad public-policy issues, media interactions, and government relations at the local, state, and federal levels, and internationally. Additionally, they know how to find, prepare, sponsor, and cross-examine scientific and technical experts.  They have represented corporate and government clients, public utilities, and individuals on matters arising before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, the State and Commerce Departments, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Congress, various state agencies and public utility commissions, and in federal and state courts.

Our special counsel’s substantive focus on highly scientific transactions and disputes allows it to handle the full range of issues, transactions, and services required in the nuclear energy, environmental, and other scientific fields, including corporate and contracting issues, litigation and arbitration, regulatory matters, government and media relations, legislation, public utility commission proceedings, restructuring, lobbying, and environmental compliance.  They have managed some of the highest-profile nuclear litigation in the world in recent years.