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Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig Settlement Among Top 10 Most Influential Patent Market Developments in 2019


DBL’s attorneys are experts in the Chinese market and intellectual property law at large. We assist companies of all sizes in understanding and leveraging Chinese technology and China’s huge manufacturing market. Whether you need help with business, technology, law, or finance, Dunlap Bennett, & Ludwig can guide you through the dynamic but uncertain Chinese market.

DBL, unlike other foreign law firms, can directly help our clients through 北京思韬知识产权代理有限公司, our affiliated firm, based in Beijing. We also assist Chinese companies with their legal and IP needs outside of China.

Our lawyers represent our clients in Chinese courts, at the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration, and in transactions. Unlike other firms, DBL does not outsource its work to local firms. This allows us to achieve goals for our clients that other firms cannot.

We have achieved multiple multi-million dollar settlements for foreign clients even before having to file a lawsuit. We recently won multiple disputes for European and American companies at the Patent Reexamination Board against top Chinese technology companies Oppo and Vivo.

Experience Matters

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Beijing office is lead by Erick Robinson.  He is one of the world’s leading intellectual property strategists. An accomplished U.S. patent attorney and trial lawyer, he is an expert in Chinese patent litigation and licensing. 

Mr. Robinson previously served as Director of Patents for Qualcomm in Asia, where he managed a broad range of IP issues ranging from patent drafting, prosecution, licensing, and litigation, to regulatory, policy, and antitrust matters.  He also managed open source issues for Qualcomm Atheros and created, implemented, and enforced open-source protocols.

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Representative Cases

  • Successfully overturned invalidation of the P Zero Patent covering Viagra® decision.
  • Obtained a permanent injunction + damages for Epson in a patent infringement lawsuit.
  • Successfully defended Seagate from alleged infringement by an NPE and invalidated the asserted patent.
  • Successfully defended Power Integrations against Fairchild Semiconductor’s patent infringement lawsuit; partially invalidated the asserted patents, and avoided a claim of RMB120 million (~USD19 Million)

Filing Trademarks

Chinese Companies

Every Chinese business knows that the biggest names in China are protected through the Chinese trademark system.  These companies go to great lengths to maintain that protection. What many Chinese companies are learning – often the hard way – is that the smartest Chinese brands also file for trademark protection in the United States. Brands like Tencent and Baidu, along with other major Chinese brands, maintain strong US market protection by filing trademarks through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Chinese Companies

China’s great economic success has led to a boom in innovation. Large Chinese tech companies are not only spending billions of dollars on their own research and development but are also heavily investing in new businesses, incentivizing entrepreneurs to develop their own technologies. Chinese companies understand that protecting their new technology in the United States is imperative to continue successfully competing in the world market.

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