Do not risk your hard-earned assets to lawsuits, financial predators or creditors. Our business attorneys can provide guidance on how to structure a plan that will shield your assets while at the same time arrange for those assets to pass seamlessly to your loved ones. If you are a parent concerned about preservation of your assets after you pass away, an asset protection plan will also protect the inheritances of your children.

The best asset protection plan is created well in advance of a potential threat of loss.

Many of our clients are high risk professionals, ranging from real estate owners to corporate officers. If your business or industry tends to be litigious, it is imperative that you establish an asset protection plan beyond your liability coverage and individual estate plan. The use of business entities combined with an asset protection trust are the frame work of a plan that provides peace of mind.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will evaluate your assets and potential risk of threat and recommend a plan of protection expertly tailored to your specific needs. Our attorneys are well versed in the advantages, pitfalls and complexities of the wide range of tools and strategies that can be utilized to provide the protection you need.