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Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Government & Regulatory Affairs team are composed of an interdisciplinary group of attorneys who work to help clients resolve countless regulatory issues at a state, federal, and local level. Since 2001, our attorneys have advised clients across multiple industries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international.

Our services encompass all phases of the procurement process from solicitation and contract negotiation to performance, claims, and disputes. We are well versed in the rules and procedures of the GSA and other federal agencies as well as local and state governmental entities. Our team provides strategic advice regarding contracting and regulatory compliance and corporate governance matters, specifically: bid protests; federal, state and local contracts; and government affairs.

We are also prepared to provide litigation counsel on claims against governmental entities. Our experienced litigation attorneys defend clients in Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations and have litigated numerous disputes before administrative tribunals, as well as state and federal courts.

General Government Contracts Counseling

Our Government Contracts & Regulatory Affairs team offers a wide array of general government contracts counseling covering the local, state, and federal levels, Services include contract performance, compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and laws, intellectual property, responsibility issues, and subcontract counseling. More information on General Government Contracts Counseling services.

Small Business Counseling

Our Government Contracts & Regulatory Affairs team has in-depth experience with government contracts laws and regulations stemming from high-level government experience at key federal agencies. We help our clients navigate the complexities of doing business with the federal government and overall regulatory compliance with the SBA’s small business programs. We help small and mid-sized companies’ structure joint venture, teaming, and mentor-protégé agreements, and advise on small business federal procurement programs across the federal agencies. More information on Small Business Counseling services.

Bid Protests

Our Government Contracts & Regulatory Affairs team has brought and defended a variety of pre- and post-award federal and state bid protests, including Small Business Administration protests for a wide range of government contractors. More information on Bid Protest services.

Federal, State, and Local Contracts

Our team has represented small and large businesses worldwide in a wide variety of sectors enforcing and defending all types of government contract-related claims whether on a federal, state & local level. More information on Federal, State, and Local Contracts. 


We abbreviate financial harm to a variety of businesses after the Wage and Hour Division Administrator halted their business activities by banning them from future government contracts and other work. More information on Debarment Services.

Security Clearance Revocation

We defend facility and personnel clearances and know how to cut through red tape that can hurt your business activities. More Information on Security Clearance services.

Sub-Practice Areas


DBL attorneys are ready to serve as your company’s trusted partner, helping your organization implement legally effective compliance solutions and grow your business.

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