Business comes first. Understanding that making the right deal work is the driving factor in any technology transaction fuels our technology transactions work. In combination with our sophisticated intellectual property team, we leverage industry experience across a huge range of hardware, software and other technologies to make hard science and technology work as hard currency.

From innovation to implementation we are a life cycle law firm and always look to the long term client relationship. By meshing our patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets knowledge and work group with our technology and licensing attorneys as well as attorneys in supporting fields like tax, real estate and litigation we help clients manage assets on a holistic global basis.

We have represented universities in massive transactions, like the sale of a complex legacy Electronic Medical Records system. We have helped software companies figure out how to best license their SaaS (software as a service) products while still maintaining both registered code copyright protection and trade secrets rights in source code. Understanding that very little code is compiled anymore and gone are the days of shrink-wrap boxed software (for the most part) and with attorneys on staff who know Oracle APEX, Node.js and HTML, Java and Agular among a host of other software systems, we stand out as subject matter experts.

Our patent attorneys and transactional attorneys also boast advanced degrees in areas like biotechnology, even holding patents of their own in nanoparticle technology and medical devices. We see technology from both sides of the fence, we are excited about what our clients can do and we are there to make sure they do it the right way, with real perspective.

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