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Episode 113: S10E7 End-of-Life Essentials

  • By holly-brezee
  • October 13, 2023
  • Season 10

In this episode, host Tom Dunlap engages in a captivating conversation with Dubs Herschlip, a seasoned expert in estate planning. Drawing from his extensive experience in transactional law, dispute resolution, and estate and legacy planning, Dubs imparts invaluable insights. Tune in to gain professional advice on crucial aspects of estate planning.

Dubs covers fundamental elements of the planning process, including healthcare directives, durable power of attorney, and critical documents to ensure you’re prepared for the future. Learn practical tips for organizing key contacts, providing instructions for digital assets, creating ethical wills, and understanding the significance of the “menu for life-sustaining treatment” form.

Whether you’re new to estate planning or seeking to refine your approach, this interview is a must-listen. Join us to acquire essential insights for navigating the end-of-life planning process with confidence. For more enlightening segments from Dubs’ interview, explore previous episodes from season 10 of The Blackletter Podcast.

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