Executors & Heirs Who Need Representation

Are you the heir or executor of an estate involved in a dispute regarding a will, real property, property, trust or other estate or probate matter? Working closely with its probate and estate administration practice, the firm handles probate litigation as the need arises. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig recognizes how frustrating and emotional the experience of handling a loved one’s estate can be. Our national probate lawyer team can work towards a successful resolution on your behalf while remaining sensitive to the personal issues and concerns when dealing in this particularly complex area.

Estate Dispute Requiring Probate Litigation

Probate matters in Virginia are handled in Circuit Court and sometimes through the County Commissioner of Accounts. In Washington, DC probate is handled in the Probate Division of the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. In Maryland probate matters are managed in the Probate & Orphans Court. Regardless of the location we can help with a will dispute, will contest, trust administration or other probate or estate dispute. If a will dispute, trust contest, disagreement regarding distribution of property, assets or other dispute arises, the firm can step in to protect your rights. Probate disputes can be contentious matters that require the skill of a Washington DC probate lawyer who understands how to work with people-not against people.

The firm handles estate and probate disputes that involve matters such as the following:

  • Asserting rights regarding the invalidity of a will.
  • Defending the validity of a will, or invalidity of a trust.
  • Undue influence regarding the drafting of a will.
  • Incompetence involving a decedent’s incapacitation or mental incompetence during the drafting of a will
  • Additionally, the firm provides representation in probate and estate administration matters that do not require litigation.

Probate litigation is complex, and it is critical to contact a law firm that has substantial experience handling this matter.