Appellate Lawyers

Dunlapseal of the us supreme court Bennett & Ludwig’s appellate lawyers are experienced in the state, Federal, and specialty court appeals.  Whether you are in-house counsel or a trial firm seeking an appellate lawyer, we can step up and either co-counsel with a trial firm, or take the lead in the briefing, oral argument, or every aspect of an appeal.  Often the best brief writers are not the best oral advocates and vice versa.  With Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s appellate practice team you get the best of both worlds.  Some our appeals lawyers have been clerks to the highest courts in the land (the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals) and spent decades at the largest law firms in the country (Cooley, Kenyon & Kenyon, Crowell & Moring, and McGuireWoods to name a few) honing their research and brief writing skills at the highest levels, while others have decades of oral argument and trial experience.

Taking these two diverse skills and an incredible team of staff and paralegals who handle in-house appendices and case binders, we have handled appeals in Federal Courts of Appeals and State appellate courts across the United States and in the highest courts of the land, including the Court of Claims, the Federal Circuit and twice in the United States Supreme Court.

We have argued and won a myriad of cases, including cases in government contracts, trademark, corporate law, patent infringement, tort and criminal law, in many instances creating a new precedent.  Often, both clients and other lawyers have asked us to join them in handling appeals, even when we did not serve as trial counsel in the court below we will serve as the appellate lawyer.  We will preserve the attorney-client relationship of the firms we work with and provide service to both clients and other law firms at the highest level.  Likewise, our amicus lawyers have filed amicus curiae “friend of the court” briefs in numerous courts.

We will review the entire trial record carefully and work with the client, or the trial firm, to evaluate the likelihood of success on appeal and the best approach for assignments of error.  Whether taking or defending an appeal from a lower court, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s appellate practice team is the best choice for efficient and experienced lawyers who win.

Click below to see some samples of our brief writing, and because the Federal Circuit permanently stores recorded oral argument, we have also provided links to live oral arguments, where you can hear our appellate team at oral argument.  The proof is in the practice, no other appellate practice offers this kind of direct evidence of skill, they all say they are experts – but you can check us out.  For the best appellate lawyers who are experienced at every level of state and Federal appeals, call our national number at 800-747-9354, or email appellate lawyer Tom Dunlap directly at

Recent Briefs, Oral Arguments, and Opinions:

The most recent oral argument and brief by Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s appellate lawyers can be found below.  While a decision has not yet been rendered (check back later), we feel strongly confident despite the fact that less than 10% of all appellants win on appeal in the United States.  Listen to the oral argument between Tom Dunlap and Morgan Chu on the other side.

Federal Circuit: Tinnus Enterprises, LLC V. Telebrands Corporation, No. 17-1726 (Fed. Cir. 2018): Appeal of Decision of the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (Patent)

  • Oral Argument, April 5, 2018 (Thomas Dunlap, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig for Plaintiffs/ Appellants v. Morgan Chu, Irell & Manella for Defendants / Appellants)

Federal Circuit: Tinnus Enterprises, LLC V. Telebrands Corporation, No. 16-1410 (Fed. Cir. 2017): Appeal of Preliminary Injunction (Patent)

U.S. Supreme Court: TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Food Group Brands LLC: Appeal (Venue)

Federal Circuit: Tinnus Enterprises, LLC v. Telebrands Corporation, No. 17-1175 (Fed. Cir. 2018): Appeal of Preliminary Injunction

Federal Circuit: Tinnus Enterprises, LLC v. Telebrands Corporation, No. 17-2194 (Fed. Cir. 2018): Appeal of Preliminary Injunction

Click this link to read a blog on the story of a recent series of trials and subsequent appeals, where, in every single case we prevailed (four appellate decisions from the Federal Circuit).