To compete in today’s marketplace, corporate clients need strong, diplomatic business lawyers on their team to help them decide when to avoid conflict and when to be aggressive. At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig we combine experience and expertise with energy and efficiency to deliver world-class corporate legal services. With an emphasis on providing exceptional value and unmatched customer service, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a leader among law firms with a focus on small-to-mid-sized businesses and the wide array of legal challenges they face.

Going into business with a partner

Over the years, our lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig have prepared countless partnership, shareholder, and LLC Operating Agreements, customizing them with precision and efficiency to accurately reflect the unique needs and desires of our clients. Our firm has helped businesses in the United States and around the world.

Raising private financing

Lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig have assisted many businesses to navigate the complicated regulatory maze of federal and state securities laws to raise millions of dollars from private debt and equity investors. We are intimately familiar with the exemptions applicable to private placement offerings and investment agreements across all industries.

Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can prepare any contracts your business might need to protect its competitive edge and ability to thrive in the marketplace. From Master Services Agreements to narrowly-focused Non Disclosure Agreements, we have the experience and resources to deliver custom contracts of all varieties to meet your needs on your schedule.

Sub-Practice Areas