Classified informationDunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s National Security practice offers multi-disciplinary legal and strategic support for clients with business interested in national security and government programs. National security matters are among the most important and difficult legal issues confronting all major corporations.

We can help clients navigate this changing and challenging landscape, advising them in the areas of:

  • Data breach risk prevention, detection, and response
  • Critical infrastructure cybersecurity
  • International cybersecurity, privacy and data protection
  • Disclosure of information to and by the government
  • Privacy of government-maintained records
  • Classified litigation
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Appeals of adverse security clearance determinations for individuals and adverse facility clearance determinations
  • ITAR, FCPA, and FARA reviews
  • Ethics and Compliance: CFIUS reviews and FOCI reviews
  • Legal solutions unique to companies performing under special or classified government contracts
  • Industrial security (personnel, facilities)
  • Insider threat (policy, compliance, and tech solutions)
  • FOIA and Privacy Act requests and litigation to national security/intelligence agencies.

Our team of national security attorneys have experience in the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense, and Interagency national security strategy, policy, and legal processes. They have been responsible for cyber security, classified contracts, counter-terrorism programs, special warfare and all forms of intelligence operations, national security-related civil and criminal litigation, and all legal advice and services to the leadership and personnel of the CIA. In addition, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides ongoing advice and counsel to clients regarding their rights and responsibilities under government contracts, compliance with government rules and regulations, security clearances, payment, and financing issues and a wide range of related matters. Ultimately, we leverage our collective expertise to help clients achieve their objectives, manage risk, and comply with both domestics and international regulatory requirements.

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