A federally registered trademark is a powerful way to protect your business’s name or logo and investments made in advertising and promotion. When disputes arise about eligibility for a federal registration, they are commonly litigated in a specialized forum called the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB), which is a branch of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). TTAB procedures in trademark opposition and trademark cancellation proceedings are fairly unique and differ from a traditional litigation in state or federal court. Accordingly, to protect a federal registration, it is important to associate with an trademark litigation attorney that has experience in representing trademark owners nationwide in these unique cases.

Why Hire Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig for a Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Case?

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is one of the most experienced trademark teams in the United States, and we have offices located minutes from the USPTO, where all of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board cases happen. Likewise, we have former USPTO trademark examiners on our team, and have some firm alumni at the USPTO working as examiners even now.

In Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cases, unlike most legal matters, there is no jury or courtroom trial. Instead, both parties submit evidence, testimony from depositions, expert opinions, and briefs containing their legal arguments. Based on those submissions, the TTAB will issue a final decision. Our experienced trademark attorneys routinely assist business owners with trademarks and trademark protection both domestically and internationally. If you need to register a trademark, if your registered trademark is being infringed, or if you need to learn more about trademarks and trademark law, speak with our experienced trademark attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig today.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s trademark litigation attorneys are well-versed in U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board practice and have represented numerous domestic and international companies–from small start-ups to large corporations across a wide variety of markets–in defending their rights to a federal trademark registration. Our TTAB practice includes:

  • Trademark Opposition proceedings
  • Trademark Cancellation proceedings
  • Ex Parte Appeals of final refusals issued by the Trademark Examiner
  • Concurrent Use Proceedings
  • Trademark Dispute Settlement Negotiations, including negotiations of coexistence agreements and licensing agreements

We also offer low cost flat fee trademark search services, as well as monitoring and docketing services, which can help avoid disputes before they arise.

The Comprehensive Legal Help You Need

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has prosecuted thousands of trademark cases and successfully prosecuted and defended these trademarks in both Federal Court and in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. See what a difference a highly experienced, economically efficient legal team with offices next to the USPTO, where all Trademark Trial & Appeals Board cases take place.

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