Nothing is more important than success in litigation.  Whether it is intellectual property, a commercial dispute, real estate, construction, white-collar or government investigations, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is the best firm for aggressive and powerful legal representation.

Litigation Team Overview

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a law firm serving clients locally and nationwide. With former prosecutors and military lawyers, the combination of strategic planning and the ability to own the courtroom is something we leverage for clients.  Our firm provides litigation and dispute resolution services in a wide variety of cases to individuals and businesses from patent, trademark, and copyright claims, to commercial contracts, real estate, and construction disputes. Our trial lawyer team has the necessary skill and experience to successfully resolve your case and is prepared to protect your rights inside and outside of the courtroom.

It does not surprise many of our clients to hear that litigation is not always the best course of action. When all aspects of a case are considered — including the legal, financial, and psychological impacts — litigation may not be the best solution to your legal dilemma. The seasoned attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will fully analyze the merits of your case and will offer you individualized advice as to whether litigation is the best avenue for your case.  Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of commercial matters and has successfully litigated cases for clients all over the country. Since litigation has been an essential component of our practice since the inception of the firm, our attorneys have the necessary experience to successfully resolve a multitude of commercial legal matters, including, but not limited to, the practice areas listed to the right.

If litigation should be pursued, our experienced attorneys know the most effective strategies. We work with each of our clients to develop a plan that will help them reach their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible, and we constantly re-evaluate our clients’ risks and benefits during the course of litigation, re-assessing settlement and litigation strategies on an ongoing basis as new facts and issues arise.

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, we understand that protecting your business is an essential element of success. Our team and staff have the necessary skill in litigation to protect the interests of your business. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that will allow your business to achieve its individual goals.

Sub-Practice Areas